What is Same Room Sex ?

Same room sex is a new movement for couples who wish to experiment a little more with their sex life.  It basically means having sex with another couple or more in the same room.  This means the two or more couples can all watch and hear each other.

No touching of the other couples is required and no swapping of partners.  This game is purely for couples who wish to add a little excitement or adventure, but do not wish to get involved with the physical risks and emotional dangers of swapping or swinging.

When me and my girl first started this, we had no idea so many  people shared this fantasy and could get turned on by this kind of thing.  Now we know... a new movement of free love similar to the sixties is upon us.  However, this practice truly is "SAFE SEX".  I hope everyone reading this, can fulfill their fantasies and try this fun game.

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Stormy Night

November 16th, 2010

My ex-wife and I had been married for less than a year.

There was a big storm, which took out most of the power lines, so we ended up at her mom's house with the ex's sister and bro-in-law.

There was no power so the heat was off and the temperature was dropping. So we piled up in one of the bedrooms, with a bunch of candles to play games.

When it was time to sleep, my ex and I took the floor and gave her sister and her hubby the bed.

The bro-in-law knew I had a thing for his wife (the girls were twins), so he started fooling around with her, just about 3 feet from where I was laying. This got my ex worked up, so she started rubbing on me.

Her sis kept telling her hubby to stop, but he was persistent, and she finally gave in. So we are laying on the floor, trying to be quiet and listen to her sister and bro-in-law, when her sister says for him to stop and get his **** out of her ***. All we heard was him grumble and then the bed creaked as he turned away.

After that my ex couldn't control herself anymore, climbed on top of me and rode me till we both had a great ******.

Of course the next day, we had to hear her sister complain about what an *** her hubby was, but she didn't complain about watching us.

College Days

November 16th, 2010

It's happened to me several times, in college I used to watch my girlfriends roommate do her boyfriend, at a getaway with friends I was sucking my girlfriends pussy in the sauna while I watched her friend fuck her boyfriend in the hot tub just a few feet away. She had the hottest little ass and he had a big dick. It was one of my best memories. Since then I've been in hotels with other couples and seen them fuck at the same time as us. Very hot.

Couples Only Room

November 16th, 2010


My wife and I were experimenting with the "lifestyle" and found a local club to hang out at.  I have read about different clubs across the country and there are good ones and not so good ones.  The rep on this club seemed to be depends on the night.  You could go on a night where a bunch of single guys show up and just want to watch other couples have sex.

Well this club got around that idea by having a "couples only" room.  It did not have a solid door so sometimes you had to go through a crowd of guys just to get in it.  So my wife and I went in one night and sat down.  There was a large screen TV showing a prono movie.

This one time there was also another couple in front of the TV getting it on.  We watched them for awhile then started doing our own thing.  After a while we forgot where we were at and just go into it.  You come out of the fog when your done and there was the whole group of guys looking at us as well as the other couple.


Camping Trip

November 16th, 2010

Hi Webmaster,

We have a great story for your couples section.

My Girlfreind and I went camping with a group last summer. We shared a tent with another couple, at first we were all a little shy. What will the other couple think if we start screwing? So we just necked and petted in the dark, so did they. Pretty soon everyone was breathing deeply and the atmosphere was very hot, even though it was a cool night.

I think the other couple were first to progress to initiating an actual sex act, but their air mattresses started to separate from each other and they started whispering ( more like cursing) and giggling which broke the ice. Before they could actually get to having sex, my girlfreind and I coupled and were going at it. We could have cared less who knew we were having sex.

For the next couple of hours we all screwed our brains out, we never actually swapped, but one couple would be screwing and that would excite the other couple. After we orgasamed, we would rest and listen to the others, then get excited again and start fucking while the others were fucking.

We all chatted a bit when neither couple was having sex, and became quite relaxed. If this had been more than an overnight trip, I think we could have progressed to full swap rather than just same room sex.

We have also attatched a picture of us. It is how we were going at it while in the tent that night.

Josh & Nikky